Asset Number QR codes


Now that our technicians have tablets running the Mainsaver Connect App we want to produce QR (Quick Response) barcode tags so that they can quickly perform the following maintenance functions with the program;

  1. Create a work order
  2. Create a work request
  3. Check machine history
  4. Review current open work orders
  5. See the spares list and current inventory level of spares
  6. Issue a part


1. Asset number QR labels may be printed many different ways.

a. There are free websites which allow you to print one label at a time or can provide a paid service to print labels.  QRSTUFF.COM for example.

b. BarTender from Seagull Scientific is a locally installed report writer software tailored for barcode labels and will allow printing on an industrial label printer.

c. Barcode printing service companies can produce high durability barcode labels tailored for your environment.  Mainsaver customers have worked with Metalcraft in the past (  The vendor can produce the labels from an Excel file of asset numbers and associated data exported from Mainsaver Core.  When using a service provide test the label proof with the Mainsaver Connect App to ensure proper formatting.

Figure 1 – Acid etched extremely durable QR label

2. In Order for the Mainsaver Connect App to read the asset number QR code it must be formatted exactly as shown below.

{“assetno”:”012-23-73-13-2″} – this is for Asset QR Code label for asset number 012-23-73-13-2 as shown in the photo above.   Note that the quotation marks must be generic quotation marks and not the starting/ending quotations used in Microsoft Word.

3. Once the labels are placed on the equipment, the Mainsaver Connect App may be used to scan the code and perform maintenance functions.



Scanning of an asset number QR code provides a fast gateway to valuable maintenance information stored in the CMMS.