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Client Testimonial

“Mainsaver is intuitive, user-friendly, and easy to learn. It has all the functionality we need.”

“Mainsaver enables our team to effectively schedule and manage our maintenance requirements. It streamlines our maintenance processes.”

“Mainsaver’s inventory management capabilities help us make sure we have the critical components that we need on-site to maintain high availability and reliability of our plants.”

“Mainsaver helps us to maintain high availability and a low forced outage rate across our power generation facilities.”

“In addition to maintenance, we also use Mainsaver for managing regulatory compliance. If we need to check the fire extinguishers every month, we set that up as a compliance task in Mainsaver and track it. We were able to eliminate the use of a redundant compliance software package because Mainsaver provided that functionality.”

“After comparing 8 popular CMMS solutions, we standardized on Mainsaver across all our power generation facilities.”

“Converting plants that had used another CMMS to Mainsaver was pretty painless. Mainsaver is user-friendly and intuitive, so it was an easy transition.”

“Mainsaver has great people – they’re almost like family. I can call or text them anytime. They’re very responsive.”