Building an Automated Asset Spare Parts List


Build a spare parts list for assets automatically


When using Mainsaver, it is advantageous for each asset to have a list of parts that are commonly used for its repair (Bill of Materials).   While Mainsaver allows this bill of materials to be added manually on the “spares” tab of the asset record, it can be very time consuming to build this list manually for all assets.   Mainsaver therefore has a feature that will allow a bill of materials list to be built automatically over time.  The feature can be set up as follows:

  1. On the asset record, enter the asset Manufacturer and Model Number.  This is required in order to build a Bill of Materials, as Mainsaver uses this information to build the list for common assets that may be identical.   If you don’t actually know the asset Manufacturer and Model number, you can enter default values into the fields as place holders.  Note:  Both the asset Manufacturer and Model Number fields are direct, “add on the fly” fields, where new values can be entered directly.

2. In the Materials Module, make sure all non-consumable parts have the “auto-spare” check box checked on the details tab of the parts record.  Checking this box tells Mainsaver that the part is allowed to be automatically added to asset bill of material lists.

3. Issue parts to work orders (or assets) via normal methods in Mainsaver
a. Using the Part Issue transaction in the parts module
b. Using the Materials tab when completing/closing a work order

As parts are issued to work orders/assets the parts issued will then automatically be added to the respective asset spare parts list for future reference.


Over time, as work orders are processed and parts are issued to the work orders, a comprehensive list of spare parts will begin to develop for key assets and frequent repair parts.