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Client Testimonial

“We use Mainsaver for all our corrective and preventative maintenance. It helps us manage work requests, schedule work orders, and plan our downtime maintenance.”

“When one of our coal generation plants has downtime, we might have 300 work orders to complete in that period. Every step of each work order is planned, and all our parts, manuals, and prints are attached in Mainsaver, including the tag outs. When an outage happens, our team is ready and equipped with the information they need to act. Mainsaver tracks all our maintenance work. If we didn’t have it, no one would know what to do.”

“Mainsaver helps us be more efficient, reduce downtime and speed up repairs.”

“During the 2021 Texas power crisis, natural gas stopped flowing, but we still had to make sure that our community had power. We had lots of maintenance challenges due to the cold weather. Air and water lines froze, and we had to send maintenance crews to fix them. We put the work requests into Mainsaver, and all the info was there so that our teams knew exactly what to do to make the repairs. If anything had interrupted the supply of power from either of our two coal-fired generation plants, we would have had to buy power on the open market, and that could have had a huge financial impact on our customers. Mainsaver helped us manage through the crisis, which minimized the rolling blackouts in Springfield.”

“Mainsaver has all the info so that our maintenance teams know exactly what to do.”

“Our utility has had to become more dynamic and agile to meet the needs of the Southwest Power Pool integrated energy market. The market tells you when your plants are running based on the market price for energy. But coal generation systems weren’t built to fluctuate like that, so we’ve had to step up our maintenance. Mainsaver helps us be more efficient, reduce downtime and speed up repairs.”