CMMS Case Study: Power Generation Maintenance Management

Ethos Energy Improves Reliability and Cost Tracking at Louisiana Power Generation Facility with Mainsaver CMMS

Ethos Energy operates a power generation facility in Louisiana, supplying steam and electricity to the fourth-largest oil refinery in North America, owned by ExxonMobil. Their operations are critical, requiring uninterrupted service to support refinery processes. As the Business Manager at Ethos Energy’s Louisiana Station, Paula Phillips helps to ensure maximum reliability and efficiency of maintenance operations

Ethos Energy power generation facility photo - two workers at Louisiana Station

Power Generation Maintenance Challenges:

Reliability is essential – an oil refinery can’t just stop – so preventative maintenance is a priority for us,” says Paula Phillips. Ethos Energy needed a comprehensive maintenance management system to optimize preventative maintenance, track costs effectively, and improve overall asset management.

Mainsaver Power Generation CMMS Solution:

We use Mainsaver for all our maintenance management and preventative maintenance,” notes Paula. Mainsaver provided a suite of tools to address Ethos Energy’s challenges, including work order management, preventative maintenance scheduling, request management, MRO parts and inventory management, purchase orders and invoices, and data-driven decision-making.

Custom CMMS Implementation and Integration:

Mainsaver worked with Ethos and Exxon to create a custom implementation of their CMMS,” Paula states. This implementation seamlessly integrates with Ethos Energy’s existing business systems, including ADP, Navision, and SAP, ensuring smooth operations and data flow across the organization.

Results at Louisiana Power Generation Facility: 

Now that we’ve implemented Mainsaver, we have confidence in our data and our cost tracking,” Paula emphasizes. Since implementing Mainsaver, Ethos Energy has experienced several key benefits:

Improved Reliability:

Because we have our complete work order history in Mainsaver, we can see patterns… and plan for them,” Paula explains. Ethos Energy can now proactively address maintenance needs, reducing the risk of unplanned downtime and ensuring continuous operations for their critical customers.

Enhanced Cost Tracking:

We track all the costs associated with every work order, every dollar and every hour spent, and every contractor hired,” Paula notes. Mainsaver enables Ethos Energy to track all costs associated with work orders, providing comprehensive insights into expenses and overall maintenance expenditures.

Data-Driven Predictive Maintenance:

Mainsaver can help us predict when we are going to need to do maintenance,” Paula says. Leveraging Mainsaver’s complete work order history, Ethos Energy can identify patterns and trends, allowing their team to predict maintenance needs and plan accordingly.

Accessibility and Flexibility:

One of the benefits of using Mainsaver is that it’s cloud-based, so we can access the system from anywhere on the web,” Paula mentions. Mainsaver’s cloud-based nature allows Ethos Energy to access the system from anywhere, facilitating easy timesheet completion, work order initiation, and overall system accessibility.


With Mainsaver CMMS, Ethos Energy has streamlined maintenance management, improved reliability, and enhanced cost-tracking capabilities. By leveraging data-driven insights and predictive maintenance strategies, Ethos Energy can ensure optimal performance of their power generation facility, supporting the operational needs of ExxonMobil’s refinery and chemical plant while meeting the demands of their critical industry.

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EthosEnergy delivers rotating equipment services and solutions, including maintenance, repair, overhaul and upgrades, to clients globally. They operate ExxonMobil’s Louisiana Station, a cogeneration facility that supplies power and steam to ExxonMobil’s integrated complex in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.