Default Craft Codes for WO Scheduling


Utilize the Mainsaver Work Order Scheduling tool without having to plan craft labor.


The Mainsaver Work Order requires that a craft code to be planned for the work order before it will show up for Mainsaver Scheduling Module. Previously the craft code had to be manually added to the work order on the Labor Tab of the work order. With version 12.8.100 and forward, a default craft code can now be added to all work orders to facilitate work order scheduling without manually adding a craft to each WO. Utilize the following steps to select a default Craft Code to be added to all work orders:

• Open system administration and navigate to References > Craft and Time Slot Codes

• Click on the “Retrieve” button to display a list of craft codes.

• Double click on the craft code that you would like to set as a default.

• Check the “Default” check box and then click OK


Setting a default craft code allows work orders to be automatically available in the Work Order Scheduling Module without having to manually add a craft code to each work order on the Labor Tab. The default code automatically populates the WO planning labor tab with a default time of 1 hour.