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Client Testimonial

Our Louisiana power generation facility generates steam and electricity for the fourth largest oil refinery in North America and an adjoining chemical plant. We deliver 1 million pounds of steam every second of every hour of every day to Exxon.  Reliability is essential – an oil refinery can’t just stop – so preventative maintenance is a priority for us. 

We use Mainsaver for all our maintenance management and preventative maintenance, time entry, asset management, material issuing, receiving and tracking, purchasing, project management, and cost tracking.  Everything goes through Mainsaver.  It’s really pretty cool.

Mainsaver worked with Ethos and Exxon to create a custom implementation of their CMMS that integrates with all our business systems, including ADP, Navision, and SAP.  This was a big project, but very worthwhile. I’m amazed at what we can do with Mainsaver. 

We manage 150-300 work orders per week in Mainsaver.  Every work order is tied to one of 15,000 asset IDs. The work order number stays with every expense. We track all the costs associated with every work order, every dollar and every hour spent, and every contractor hired. 

Now that we’ve implemented Mainsaver, we have confidence in our data and our cost tracking, which is a big plus for me. 

Mainsaver can help us predict when we are going to need to do maintenance. Because we have our complete work order history in Mainsaver, we can see patterns, such as problems with our water filters when the river floods in the spring, and plan for them. Or if an asset has had four recent work orders, that’s a warning sign we need to address. I’m pretty darn impressed with Mainsaver.

One of the benefits of using Mainsaver is that it’s cloud-based, so we can access the system from anywhere on the web. You can complete a time sheet or initiate a work order, whatever you need to do.