How Did We Spend?


Mainsaver is often used for purchasing materials and services.  The queries and report below will help to develop some purchasing and inventory statics for year end or any date period.


  1. Method 1; List reports.  Proceed to the ‘Purchasing’ module, then ‘Table View’.  Query by PO date range or some other column.

Figure 1 – Purchasing Module

One the resulting list of purchase orders is displayed select the ‘Lists’ pulldown menu and try the different report formats.  The Purchase Order Detail Summary will show the PO amount and the Received amount at the end.

Figure 2 – Purchase Order Detail Summary

2. Method 2; Reports Menu.  From the ‘Reports’ menu, select the ‘Supplier Business Summary’.  Enter the desired date range or use the preset data ranges in the dropdown box.  This report details each PO ranking the suppliers by dollar volume in ascending order.

Figure 3 – PO Date Selection Window

Figure 4 – Supplier Business Summary

3. What did we spend on Contractor Services?  When a receipt is performed of contractor services, the record is placed into a table accessible withing the ‘Time and Materials Used’ module.  Once in the module, proceed to ‘Contracts’, then ‘Table View’ and then define a query for a ‘Receive Date’ range.  Once the records are displayed use ‘Lists’ and ‘Brief’ to obtain a total on contractor services.

Figure 5 – Contractor Services

4. Inventory Value: Within the materials module the user can find out the total inventory value or value of certain parts.  We can also run queries for parts that are on the shelf but do not have any cost associated with them.

In the Materials Module, Parts Master use the Table View button to perform a query for all inventory and then use ‘Lists’, then ‘Value Summary’.

Figure 6 – Inventory Value

To find items on the shelf at zero cost perform the following query.

Figure 7 – Query for items at zero carrying cost

Adjust as appropriate to reflect the proper cost on the Financial tab.