How to Effectively Purchase Long Term Services


Provide an effective method for purchasing and receiving Long Term Contractor Services and/or Blanket Purchase Orders.


Many times contractors need to be hired for a job that may extend over a long period of time. The contractor may need to be paid periodically, and hence services received against a Mainsaver PO more than one time. It is not uncommon for Mainsaver users to create such a PO, with a line item that specifies a quantity of “one” job, for a given cost that encompasses the entire job. If the job is invoiced several times over a long period of time, this presents a problem when receiving the service. If the user orders a quantity of “one”, then he/she can only receive one time. The remedy for this dilemma is to fill out the line item with the quantity being the total cost of the service, and the net price as “one”. As an example, if a service was needed that might cost a total of $50,000 over several months and it needed to be paid/received monthly, the line item on the PO would be created as below:

Since the quantity field is 50,000, this allows the Mainsaver user to receive against this PO as many times as needed when invoiced, rather than having to receive the services only once in a single sump sum. See typical Mainsaver receiving screen below. Note, received quantity is $12,000 dollars of service, leaving $38,000 remaining to be received for another day. It should be noted that this same purchasing/receiving procedure can effectively be used for Blanket PO’s as well.


Purchasing services or blanket PO’s using this method allows goods or services to be received multiple times rather than having to be received only once as a lump sum.