Mainsaver Document Storage


Provide easy document storage capabilities for attached documents in Mainsaver


The normal use of Mainsaver allows documents to be attached, viewed, and printed with assets, work orders, PM’s, etc.   These documents are normally recommended to be located in a central document repository.  While these documents can be located on any customer accessible server, for customers hosted on the Mainsaver Cloud, document storage is readily available on Mainsaver hosted servers.   Not only does this service provide easy, convenient storage of documents, but storing on the Mainsaver servers eliminates a number of potential printing issues that can sometimes be experienced when printing attached documents.

When hosted document storage is used, Mainsaver provides a convenient web based interface where a multi-layer, organized document repository can be built by the customer.  Documents are then easily uploaded and stored by the end user and can be accessed by the Mainsaver application during operation.