Mainsaver Integrates to Pures Food Financial System

San Diego, CA – February 5, 2020
Mainsaver Software announces it has recently completed an application integration to the Purchasing /
Financial system for Pures Food Specialties. Pures is a leading cookie manufacturing company
headquartered just outside of Chicago in Broadview, IL.
The integration will allow Purchase Orders to be created in Mainsaver and transmitted to the corporate
financial system. Also, follow up goods receipts will be created in Mainsaver and transmitted against the PO’s
in the financial system. Invoicing of the purchase orders will continue to take place in the financial system and
a 3-way match performed between the PO, receipt, and invoice. Any adjustments in the price of goods or
services as a result of the financial 3-way match are then transmitted back to Mainsaver, to update MRO part
prices, etc. The interface also includes additional supporting data sharing between systems, to include Part
and Services Vendors and Suppliers. The new integration will streamline the procurement process for Pures
system users, eliminating double entry of data, reducing errors, and significantly improving efficiency.

About Pures Food Specialties
Pures Food Specialties was founded in 1964 as a small family-owned cookie manufacturing operation in
Broadview, IL. Five Decades and three expansions later, Pures has grown into one of the leading cookie
manufacturing companies in the industry with a customer list that includes many of the largest retailers,
wholesalers, and CPG companies in the United States. At Pures we’ve developed a unique culture where we
make it our mission each day to maintain the speed, flexibility, and responsiveness of a small neighborhood
bakery, even as we add some of the largest production lines in the industry.

About Mainsaver
Mainsaver offers a complete Enterprise Asset Management Solution with a robust Computerized Maintenance
Management System (CMMS) at its core. As one of the industry’s foremost established CMMS suppliers,
Mainsaver provides solid software applications, trusted consulting services, and comprehensive customer
support to its clients. Our solutions are designed to provide a maximum return on investment, whether
installed as a standalone application, or as an “end to end” solution interfaced to any of today’s popular ERP,
MRP or financial packages.