Mainsaver Notifications to Phone Text Message


Mainsaver provides the capability to send email notifications for pre-defined events such as work requests being created or work orders being assigned to a specific person. Some users may prefer to receive a text message on their cell phone rather than an email. Utilizing the standard text-to-email functionality provided by most cell carriers, Mainsaver can send out the emails as a text.


1. Each cellphone provider has an email-to-text format. For example, Sprint would be while AT&T is Determine the proper format.
2. This email to text address can be associated with a Personnel record in Mainsaver as the email on the detail tab or entered directly into an event notification. The Personnel record is shown below. It is possible to setup a Personnel record with both an email and email-to-text address by separating them with a ‘;’.

3. Enter an event notification to a specific person, an email-to-text address or a role. DO NOT enter an event notification record with multiple entities filled out as this will cause complications. System Administration, Settings, Event Notifications.

4. Emails should now be sent as text messages. Depending on the carrier, the character limit may split the message into multiple messages.


The ability to send text messages based on maintenance related triggers enhances communication between maintenance, operations and other plant personnel.