Managing System Security Following a Mainsaver Upgrade


When Mainsaver is upgraded from an older version to a newer version, many times new features are added. It is the general practice of Mainsaver that by default, all new features added during an upgrade are automatically enabled in system security to allow access to the new feature. Therefore, it may be desired that the new features be disabled for certain users. The challenge can sometime be identifying what new security settings have been added. This Tech Tip provides a method for easily identifying new security settings added following a Mainsaver version upgrade.


Step 1 – Create a new User Group with a readily identifiable name – “Upgrade Settings”
• Prior to the next upgrade, in System Admin, create the new user group under Reference > User Group Codes and Descriptions. Note, this user group will not have any assigned users, and will only be used as a utility.

Step 2 – Set Security on new User Group
• Open up Application Security under the Settings Menu
• Select the new User Group from the drop down
• Set all settings for all Modules to “DISABLED” by sequentially walking down the modules and clicking on the “DISABLE ALL” button

Step 3 – Check for Security Changes
• Following each upgrade, check each module in system security. Any setting that has a status of “ENABLED” is a new setting that has been added by the version upgrade.
• After Identification of the new settings, adjusted as desired for each user group.
• Set all new feature settings to “DISABLED” for the utility user group so it will be ready for the next upgrade.


Setting up a Utility User Group will assist in easily identifying new security settings that may have been added due to a Mainsaver version upgrade.