SOWEGA Baconton Power Reaches 20 Years with Mainsaver Software

San Diego, CA – February 25, 2020: Nestled among the pecan, peanut and cotton farms of Southwest
Georgia, SOWEGA Baconton Power has 300 megawatts at the ready for when the demand arises. The
plant has used the Mainsaver Enterprise Asset Management Software since 2001 for work management
and procurement. In 2020 SOWEGA Baconton Power upgraded Mainsaver to the latest release and
added the Connect mobility module which extends maintenance functionality to smart devices including
IOS and Android tablets and phones.

Work orders are assigned to Maintenance technicians. The technicians can see their work orders on a
Windows computer, a web browser or a smart device. The Connect App also allows the technician to
review asset history, spare parts and job plans from their smart devices. Work is completed and
reviewed by the Maintenance Supervisor before closure. Mainsaver Professional Services continues to
work with the plant to enhance the use of the tools available with Mainsaver Software.

About the Baconton Power Facility
The Baconton Power LLC facility is a simple cycle combustion turbine facility consisting of four GE dual fan
aero-derivate units. Each unit is rated at 49.5 MW each. The plant is operated by PIC Group Inc. under a
long term operating and maintenance agreement.

About Mainsaver
Mainsaver offers a complete Enterprise Asset Management Solution with a robust Computerized
Maintenance Management System (CMMS) at its core. As one of the industry’s foremost established
CMMS suppliers, Mainsaver provides solid software applications, trusted consulting services, and
comprehensive customer support to its clients. Our solutions are designed to provide a maximum
return on investment, whether installed as a standalone application, or as an “end to end” solution
interfaced to any of today’s popular ERP, MRP or financial packages.

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