Aurora Cooperative Expands Mainsaver Usage

San Diego, CA – October 4, 2021:  Aurora Cooperative has recently begun an expansion of its current Mainsaver implementation.  Aurora has previously been using Mainsaver for managing its Maintenance Program at one of its ethanol bio-fuel sites.  They will now expand the Mainsaver footprint to include their grain storage facilities.  The expansion will add an additional 11 sites under the Mainsaver managed umbrella. 

The sites will use Mainsaver to manage both corrective and preventive maintenance as well as MRO processes.  Implementation is currently underway and expected to be completed at all sites by year end.

About Aurora Cooperative

Aurora Cooperative is one of the largest agricultural retailers in the nation, ranking 28th in the nation among
all agricultural cooperatives. Headquartered in Aurora Nebraska, Aurora Cooperative has over 700 employees across 82 locations in seven states where they provide service and expertise in grain, agronomy, animal nutrition, and energy. In 2019, Aurora cooperative had total sales over $1 billion, serviced more than 4M acres, merchandised over 120 million bushels of grain, and have over 34,000 equity members. Aurora Cooperative is a well-established, competitive, and innovative cooperative that is built upon providing owners with profitable solutions that meet their specific needs. For more information on Aurora Cooperative, please visit www.auroracoop.

About Mainsaver

Mainsaver offers a complete Enterprise Asset Management Solution with a robust Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) at its core.  As one of the industry’s foremost established CMMS suppliers, Mainsaver provides solid software applications, trusted consulting services, and comprehensive customer support to its clients.  Our solutions are designed to provide a maximum return on investment, whether installed as a standalone application, or as an “end to end” solution interfaced to any of today’s popular ERP, MRP or financial packages.

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