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Software Products

Mainsaver Core
Our core product shares the same name as our company and comprises an integrated set of modules that provide complete and comprehensive management of maintenance operations.  Base functionality includes:

  •  Maintenance (Preventive & Corrective Maintenance,  Work Order Processing, Scheduling)
  •  MRO Materials Management (Inventory Management, Issuing/Receiving Parts, Auto Replenishment Physical Inventories, Barcode Processing)
  •  Purchasing (Purchase Requests, Purchase Orders, Approval Hierarchy, Invoice Matching)
  •  Dashboard (Provides a quick metric overview of the Maintenance, Materials, and Purchasing Operations with quick navigational functionality for each)

The product is packed with 37 years of advanced feature development, to provide all  functionality needed to reach World Class Maintenance status.  

Comprehensive CMMS Functionality. Powerful, Robust, User Friendly.

Mainsaver Connect
Mainsaver Connect is a complimentary and fully integrated product to the core Mainsaver application.  It is designed for the mobile work force with its primary purpose to be mobile/remote processing of work orders on tablet based computers.  Key features include: 

  • Creating and processing work requests, work orders and PM work orders
  • MRO parts issuing, physical inventories, and barcode capabilities
  • Both real time online or cached offline capabilities for when wifi isn’t available
  • Compatibility with IOS/Android mobile platforms

Mainsaver Connect is the next step in taking your  work order processing to a paperless system.   Create the work order, assign it to a Technician, then process and close the work order, without ever printing a thing.

Fully Integrated Tablet Based Mobility.  Touch Screen Field Processing of Work Orders & Material Transactions.

Connect App
The Mainsaver Connect App contains much of the same functionality as our Connect Tablet application, for mobile processing of work orders and material transactions.  However it is specifically designed for the smaller physical footprint of a smart phone.  Features include:

  • Creating and processing work orders and PM work orders
  • MRO parts issuing and returns. Barcode scan capabilities
  • Ability to view work history of an asset
  • Ability to enter Technician time against a work order

The Connect App is yet another tool for extending Mainsaver to smart phone utilization and processing.

Work Order / Material Processing in a Phone sized Footprint

Mainsaver API
It is not unusual for companies to already have ERP/Financial systems in place for handling their purchasing needs, and therefore they don’t require the Mainsaver purchasing module.  However,  many times it is beneficial for these systems to “talk” to one another to facilitate materials procurement and prevent duplication of work.  When this is the case, Mainsaver has API tools ready to quickly integrate these systems.  Features of our API include:

  • Integrations to all popular ERP/Financial applications to include SAP, Oracle/JDE, Sage, Acumatica and many others
  • Ability to integrate to virtually any other type system to include SCADA , Condition Based Monitors, Lock & Tag, etc.
  • Single site or multi-site implementations, with the ability to easily add additional sites as needed. 
  • Comprehensive error monitoring, reporting and notification for initial troubleshooting and ongoing operation. 

The Mainsaver API has been deployed and  successfully utilized by scores of our customers to create seamless and efficient data transfer between applications.

A Packaged Tool Set for Quick Integration to ERP Financials, SCADA, Condition Based Monitoring Systems and More


Cloud Hosting / SaaS

Want Mainsaver to handle your project from top to bottom?  Try our SaaS Cloud Hosting Subscription Service.  You subscribe to the usage of our software without having to purchase it outright.  We do all the hosting on our secure servers and handle all your deployment and maintenance.  All future upgrades to the product are included with the subscription and we provide all the IT support for you.  It’s the the great Mainsaver application without the IT hassle. 

Application Integration

Integrate your Mainsaver application with your ERP/Financials,  SCADA Document Management, Payroll systems to create a seamless flow of information through your business and eliminate double entry of data.  Our integration service team has years of integration experience and expertise.  We lead the effort with a proven set of tools and an implementation methodology that creates a smooth transfer of data between systems.   The results are a more efficient work force, reduced data entry errors, and improved visibility to your data and business operations. 

System Implementation

When you purchase a Mainsaver System, you can be assured of a smooth and successful implementation.  Our consultants have an average experience level with the company of 15+ years and know how to manage a project from inception to completion.  We have a proven project methodology that we have successfully followed for years.  The results are hundreds of satisfied customers with proven excellence in their maintenance programs.  

Comprehensive Training

Mainsaver provides ongoing training services for all our products to our customer base with 3 delivery methods:

  • Customer Onsite – delivered at your site and customized to your specific needs and agenda
  • Regional Classes – Deliver quarterly at various geographic locations across the USA
  • Remote Online – delivered via Web Meeting in half day sessions.

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