Query on the Financial Transaction Journal


All financial transactions in Mainsaver are written to a transaction table.  These records contain audit trail information such as the time, date and login ID of the person performing the transaction.  Transactions include (transaction code format shown);

  • PO New                       PPxx
  • PO Modification         PPxx
  • PO Receipt                  MT4x
  • Material Issue            MT2x
  • Material Edit              MPxx
  • Invoice                                    IPxx

Mainsaver provides a module to allow users to query for specific transactions.


  1. Proceed to the ‘Materials’ module, then ‘Transaction Journals’.

Figure 1 – Materials Module

  • Click the ‘Table View’ button then select or create a query.

Figure 2 – Selecting a query

  • In the example below, we want to see the issue history for stock number ‘SW1001’ sorting the most recent issue transaction at the top.

Figure 3 – Building a query

  • The resulting records may be viewed in a report or exported to Excel or other formats.

Figure 4 – Using the ‘Lists’ menu to create a report from the query results

Figure 5 – Issue transaction report

Figure 6 – Using the ‘Program’ menu to export data to Excel.


The ability to query on virtually any financial transaction in Mainsaver provides a way for the user to retrieve and organize any specific date they may need.