Removing Unused Columns From Mainsaver Table View and Screens


Mainsaver 12.9 allows the Mainsaver Administrator to remove unused columns from Table Views and Data Entry/Edit windows.  Additionally, the Administrator may use the column controls to make a field required or read only.  This function is available for Mainsaver Core and Connect.  This helps to focus Mainsaver on relevant data fields.


This document will focus on the work order record in Mainsaver Core, but the same tools are available for most key records such as the asset, work request, PM and material.  The first step is to turn on the ‘Enable Table View Column Setup’ switch in System Administration,

Next, under the ‘Security and Settings’ menu, choose ‘Table View Column Setup’.  This option is also available under the green window ‘Program’ menu in all screens.

Custom views may be setup for all users, by user group or for an individual user.  In the example below, we are removing many of the fields in the work order table view for all users.

First, copy over all of the red (required) fields using the right arrow ‘>’ and then select the other fields to be present in the work order table view and select with the right pointing ‘>’.  Do not check fields which are not relevant.

User may uncheck the ‘Visible’ box for any required fields that do not need to be in the table view such as ‘Plant Number’.  Use the ‘Preview Order’ button to adjust the column layout and widths and the ‘Save Order’ to apply this order.  Press ‘Save’ when all setup is done.  In this case we have reduced the number of columns in the work order table view and query menu from 106 to 21.  The fields hidden in the table view are still available in the add and edit data windows.

Back in the Work Order module, turning on the ‘Custom Table View’ option add a new icon for ‘Table View Reporting’. Individual users can further adjust their table views and make custom reports and exports using the ‘Table View Reporting’ icon next to the Query Selection Dropdown.

User can select individual columns from the left and copy to the right-hand side with the ‘>’.  Then select the columns on the right to be included on a report or export.  User may save the format for future use.

Example custom report shown below.

Column Configuration – The Mainsaver Administrator may further customize the data entry and edit screens in Mainsaver to make individual columns required, invisible or read only.  In System Administration select the ‘Field Level Security (Column Configuration)’ option.  This applies to Mainsaver Core while the option below it has similar controls for Mainsaver Connect Web and App.

In each column configuration record the user will select;

Module – such as Work Order or Purchase Request

Column Name – Once the module is selected the list of individual fields is displayed.

Event – this requires some thought.  If left blank, the rule being entered will apply to all cases.  For example, the ‘Corrective Active’ field for a work order should not always be required because when the work order is being created, we do not know the corrective action.  It would be better to make corrective action required on a ‘Complete’ or ‘Close’ event.

Status – force the column to be required, invisible or read only.

Group Code – Force the rule for a group code.  For example, if we want to prevent the stockroom from editing the on-hand quantity in the Parts Master we might have the following 2 records, one for the Stock tab and one for the Location tab.

Employee ID – Enforce the rule for only one employee.


All configurations mentioned in this document are stored in the database and are retained upon upgrade.  Removing irrelevant data columns cleans up the look and feel of Mainsaver.  Making fields required ensures that relevant data is captured for workflow management and reporting.