Smith & Nephew Implements Mainsaver Connect

San Diego, CA – January 2, 2020: Mainsaver Software continues to expand its Mobile CMMS footprint with a
recent deployment of Mainsaver Connect at Smith & Nephew, Memphis, TN. Smith & Nephew, a global
leader in the production of advanced medical devices, chose to implement Mainsaver Connect in conjunction
with its existing core Mainsaver application.

This addition will allow its Maintenance Technicians, to process work orders via mobile tablet computers.
Using Connect, S&N will close the loop on going completely “paperless” with both their corrective and
preventive work processing. In addition, it will significantly improve the efficiency of the Maintenance
Technician, who no longer will be required to find desktop computesr to process their work orders, but can now
do so directly in the field. Also, S&N will utilize a new feature in Connect that allows them to better capture
Asset downtime, Maintenance Response time, and actual Maintenance Repair time.

About Smith & Nephew
Smith and Nephew is a Global Leader in Advanced Surgical Devices to include Orthopaedic
Reconstruction, Sports Medicine and Trauma. The company manufactures Knee, Hip, and Shoulder Implants,
as well as Arthroscopic Enabling Devices. The company has supported healthcare professionals for over 150
years in more than 100 countries. Smith & Nephew employs approximately 15,000 employees worldwide.

About Mainsaver
Mainsaver offers a complete Enterprise Asset Management Solution with a robust Computerized Maintenance
Management System (CMMS) at its core. As one of the industry’s foremost established CMMS suppliers,
Mainsaver provides solid software applications, trusted consulting services, and comprehensive customer
support to its clients. Our solutions are designed to provide a maximum return on investment, whether
installed as a standalone application, or as an “end to end” solution interfaced to any of today’s popular ERP,
MRP or financial packages.