Historically the work order of Mainsaver included a 2000 character field for the description of the work needed and a 2000 character field for the comments on the completion of the work order. In some cases there is a need to acknowledge that each step of a work procedure has been completed and details recorded. In Mainsaver version 12.7 and above users may create a Job Plan with multiple steps and specific input requirements for the completion and closure of work orders.

There are two types of job plans in Mainsaver, Work Order Job Plans and Route Job Plans for Inspection rounds. The creation of the job plans is essentially the same however this procedure focuses on the Work Order Job Plans which are created in the Preventive Maintenance module. A Work Order Job Plan may be attached to a PM Master Record or corrective work orders as well.

Job Plans allow recording input on the work order in Edit, Complete or Close mode. Further, there are application switch settings that prevent closing and/or completion of a work order if all required input is not entered.


1. Initial Setup: Open the System Administration Module. Security and Settings, Application Switches.

2. 2. Fill out the switches explained below.

Enable WO Procedures and Steps: Set to ON

Enables this new feature

Prevent WO Close with Incomplete Tasks: Set to ON if every job plan step must be filled in in order to close the work order.

Prevent WO Complete with Incomplete Tasks: Set to ON if every job plan step must be filled in in order to complete the work order.

Tasks Exception Generate: Numeric input and Yes/No input can generate a Word Order or Work Requests to remedy an out of tolerance condition.

Task Admin User Group: Mainsaver will write protect comments and results entered when completing a job plan. The ‘Task Admin User Group’ is usually set to the MSADMIN group so that they may modify previously entered results write protected from other people.

3. In System Admin, Security and Settings, Counters and Prefixes. This prefix is used for the resulting work orders created if the Work Order option is chosen in item 2 above.

4. Create Job Plans: From PM Management Module, Under Tools and Options, select PM Job Plan Setup.

5. Click Add or just fill out the Job Plan name and description in the areas provided.

6. Click ‘Add’ in the Inspection List area to add steps to the job plan.

The ‘Procedure’ column is not required but may be added for steps that are common between multiple job plans.
Input Type Description
Checkbox Requires user to check the box
Yes/No User must check Yes or No radio button. Normal value of 1 = Yes. Value opposite of normal value will result in exception record being generated.
Number User must enter a number such as a temperature or a pressure reading. Value outside of upper and lower control limit will result in exception record being generated.
Directive Text only, no input required.

7. Save the job plan.

8. At this point the job plan may be added to a PM or corrective work order. Here we are setting up a new monthly PM to perform this job plan.

Double click Job Plan area to select from the list of job plans.

Steps may be added or deleted in the PM record.

9. Generate PMs per normal schedules.
10. When editing, completing or closing the work orders, user may fill out the job plan. User must select the ‘Task and Results’ tab.

User may add comments on each input line or add additional comment lines.

Click Apply to save results.

CBM work order is created automatically.


The job plan provides users with a more robust maintenance procedure, one that has an audit trail and a higher level of security on task results.