The New Mainsaver System Administration


Provide a more effective System Administration Module


In the latest release (v12.9) of the Mainsaver application, the System Administration Module was completely re-organized. Over the years, as new features were added to Mainsaver, administration of these features were simply added to the existing System Admin Structure. Therefore, nearly all commonly used administration tasks were placed under only two menu listings, the Settings and References menu drop downs only. This resulted in a list of administrative functions that were essentially completely disorganized, and hard to locate.

In the latest version of Mainsaver, the menu structure has been redefined and functions have been reorganized under each of these headings to provide a more intuitive experience of locating the needed admin function.

Now, all administrative function related to PM’s are found under the “PM” menu. All those for purchasing are now under “Purchasing”, etc. And this holds true for all the Mainsaver modules and functionality. If a System Administrator is unsure of exactly where to look to find the setting they are looking for, the intuitive menu will help assist the user to the correct location.


The reorganization of the system administration menu allows Administrators of Mainsaver to be more effective in locating the administrative function desired and getting the results needed.