Clean Up of Stock Materials


Stocked items are phased out over time due to equipment obsolescence and general changes in parts usage. Old stock numbers that show up in query results and count books waste time. If the parts were ever used or counted, the only way to delete them is through Mainsaver Data Services however obsolete stock items may be deactivated within the database by changing the status to ‘DEA’. The tools listed below help to determine which parts to deactivate.


Step 1 – Make sure the Mainsaver System Administrator keeps the calendar year and period up to date in System administration. Proper monthly closing (System Administration, Utilities, Monthly Closing) updates key month and year to date counters in the parts master module. Only check the ‘Recalculate YTD Totals…” checkbox when closing several months at one time.

Step 2 – Determine parts with no activity for several years. Below we create a query for Last Activity Date < 1/1/2010. Mainsaver updates last activity date when an item is created, issued or received. Look at the quantity on hand to determine if they are even in stock. There is a standard report for this functionality as well under ‘Reports’ menu.

Last activity date is shown on Detail tab.

Also look at issue history to see if past usage indicates the applicable machinery is current or obsolete. Usage tab show when last used and the asset number

Step 3 – Determine if the listed part is a spare on active equipment. Spares tab shows asset number where the part is linked through the asset manufacturer and model number. If there are no linked assets or the assets listed are obsolete, there is a chance that the part is obsolete.

Spares tab.

Step 4 – Discuss the potentially inactive parts with machine experts to determine if they can be deactivated in Mainsaver. There may be critical spares not issued for many years sitting on the shelf but they still need to be kept in inventory to mitigate downtime risk.

Step 5 – Set the part status to ‘DEA’ or work with Mainsaver Data Services to perform a materials cleanup.

Step 6 – Ensure all queries and count books filter out ‘DEA’ status parts.


Parts lookups and completion of count books will be more efficient when inactive stock is deleted of deactivated in the Parts Master.