Material Analysis


How do we identify areas for improvement and cost savings with respect to the stockroom? The tips below offer some interesting information based on material consumption within Mainsaver.


Method 1 – Create a query to determine the high cost and usage items by sorting the query by (item cost x year to date usage). First create the query based on YTD Usage > 0 and sort by item cost specifying a descending sort. Save the query as ‘High Cost Items’.

Then edit the query (Define Query, Query List) to multiple Item Cost x YTD Usage in the sort. ORDER BY (mtpm.item_cost * mtpm.ytd_usage) DESC

The Results indicate the highest cost usage items.

Method 2 – Look at the usage of specific high cost parts to identify possible repetitive failures. (Material Module, Parts Master, Edit, Usage Tab) Can the mean time between failures be extended by any of the following? a- Adding a PM to the asset b- Sourcing the part from a different manufacturer. c- Setting up a PM Job plan to monitor a specific condition related to this failure such as a temperature.

Usage data is sorted by date but a right click can sort by asset number.

Method 3 – User may query on parts usage data to look at a specific part, asset or cost. (Materials Module, Transaction Journals, Table View).

Looking for items costing over $10,000 since 2016.


Material purchase expense can be reduced when an organization knows where there are opportunities to extend component life. Just by issuing parts when they are used can unlock valuable information in the CMMS database.