Covid-19 Related Maintenance Metrics


Mainsaver customers have asked how they might use the application to assign a COVID-19 risk factor to work orders in order to take proper precautions including specialized PPE. Additionally, existing Mainsaver data fields may be used to annotate work orders and associated costs that are specific to COVID-19 work.


Any of the data elements mentioned below may be made mandatory though the use of Column Configuration in System Administration.

1. Method to create a COVID 19 risk metric based on Fault Code using RIME Factor

A. System Administration, Application Switches, Work order Tab. Turn on RIME Calculation to Fault Code setting.

B. Work Order Module, Table View, Control-L for Label Management. Change Label for ‘Critical Ratio’ to ‘COVID Risk’.


C. Setup Fault Codes related to COVID risk. System Administration, Work Orders, Failure Codes, Fault Code. Assign a numeric risk factor related to the fault code.

D. Setup numeric factors for work order priorities as 1 so that only the COVID fault code risk factor is used in the score. System Administration, Work Orders, Work Order Priorities.

When creating a work order enter the COVID related fault code. If the asset group code to fault code filter is in use all the COVID codes will need to be associated with the asset group codes.

COVID-19 Risk Factor will be displayed on Detail tab and Work Order Table View.

2. Tracking COVID-19 Related Work and Expenditures The following data elements may be used to track work related to COVID-19. The ‘List’ reports in the Work Order Module may be used to produce summary reports.

A. Project ID: Project ID may be associated with work orders or purchases. Setup in Maintenance Module, Work Orders, Projects. Reports available in Work Order Module.

B. Work Type: System Administration, Work Orders, Work Type Codes.

C. Work Class: System Administration, Work Orders, Work Class Codes.


The methods described above may be used for any relevant risk or cost tracking.