Using Demand Tasks for Operational Rounds


Provide a method to use Mainsaver for taking operational round data


Many operations require routine technicians to collect “operational rounds” data from the field, usually via round sheets or applications.    With the latest release of Mainsaver, this function can be facilitated using the Demand Task and Job Plan features.   An overview of the process follows:

1. For each round sheet/form required, build a job plan that will facilitate the data that needs to be recorded.   This is done in PM Module > Tools & Options > Job Plans

2. Create a Demand Task to be used for generating Round Sheets/work orders.   This is done in PM Module > Demand Tasks > Create New

3. The new M20 version of Mainsaver now has Job Plans as part of the Demand Tasks.   On the Job Plan tab of the Demand Task, add the Daily Round Job Plan to the task.

a. Each day or as needed, use the generate button in the Demand Task module to generate a work order with attached round sheet/job plan as needed.   Note that an unlimited number of WO/sheets can be created for a given demand task.   Therefore, if you take rounds every 4 hours, you can quickly and easily click the generate button repeatedly 6 times and create 6 round sheets for the day. You can also change the Due Date each time before clicking generate, and potentially generate sheets for an entire week, or any other period.

Resulting Round Work Orders are created with job plans/round sheets for taking rounds as needed.

4. Once the work orders/rounds sheets have been created, rounds data can be collected in any of 3 ways:

a. Print the WO and associated Round Sheet, take data manually, then scan round sheet and attach to WO in Mainsaver using References tab.
b. Print the WO and associated Round Sheet, take data manually, then transpose this data onto the Task & Results tab of the Work Order.
c. Utilize Mainsaver Connect to enter the Round data directly into Mainsaver via mobile device (Tablet Computer)

5. Once Round data is captured into Mainsaver, it can be easily recalled for any date or range of dates by simply building a Table View Query in the Work Order Module to query for “T” work orders for any date(s) desired.