Using Mainsaver Projects for Effective Work Management


Use Mainsaver Projects to provide real value in work Management


Use the following steps to use the Project feature:

  • 1. Create a New Project by going into the work order module. For Mainsaver versions 12.7 or below, the new project feature can be found under Options > Projects. For version 12.8, the project feature is located directly on the Work Order ribbon menu.
  • 2. Click on the Add button to create a new Project. Add the Project ID and Description and click OK to save.
  • 3. Once the Project is created it can be applied to any work order associated with the Project by entering into the Project ID field of the work order. The Project ID field
  • 4. Build and save a query in the work order table view that shows all work orders with the specified Project ID. The query can then be readily used to easily bring up the list, print, and manage the work orders associated with the project.
  • 5. Anytime during or after completion of the project, run the Project Summary report to get individual work order and project summary costs. The report can be accessed in the work order module under Reports > Project Cost Summary. To run the report, select the desired Project using the look up box at the bottom of the screen.


Projects is a method of grouping one or more work orders under a single Project umbrella, easily recalling and processing them as a group, and then generating a work/cost summary report for the group. It is an effective method for managing a group of work orders for such things as capital projects, system outages, or any special maintenance event.